What is

ePOMo is an app for pay using a mobile phone that has been created to enjoy shopping everywhere.

ePOMo lets you to pay in phisycal and online stores without having to carry credit or debit cards with you, it offers the maximum security because uses QR and alphanumeric codes that expire in a predetermined period. It is easy to start, downloading the ePOMo App and start the "Mobile Shopping".

Pay quickly and secure without carry a credit card.

How use ePOMo?

Sign up

Sign up in ePOMo through website

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Download ePOMo

Download ePOMo from your favourite app store to Android or IOS.

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03Activate your ePOMo account in your mobile phone using the verification code obtained after your sign up.

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04Enter your PIN to obtain the first pay code.

Imagen con el Código QR y el código para realizar el pago

05Pay with the ePOMo code and still enjoying your purchases.

ePOMo's advantages

  • Easy to use

    To buy only need sign up in our website and download the ePOMo App.

  • Security

    ePOMo is a secure way to pay, because it works with QR and alphanumeric single use codes that expire in a predetermined period. The code expires after few seconds.

  • Accessible

    Imagen certificación movil TechnositeePOMO commitment to people with disabilities. The company is committed to developing products for everyone. In April 2014 we obtained the accessible certification for IOS provided by ONCE Group. ePomo is accessible for visual, auditory, motor, cognitive or intellectual disabilities

  • Versatile

    ePOMo can be used for physical or online stores.

  • Privacy

    Your card's data are stored in secure server, that compliant PCI DSS. In case of loss or theft of your mobile phone, you can cancel temporarily the App, without cancel your card.

  • Trust

    ePOMo doesn't make prepayments in your card, due to the payment occurs directly between your card and the commerce.

  • Freedom

    ePOMo can be used with any telephone company and any bank, in addition it can work without telephone coverage.

  • Sales and discounts

    With ePOMo you accumulate 2% in points of your purchases, that can be exchange in future purchases. In addition there may be some offers from associated stores.

  • Free for user

    ePOMo is free for users.