How it

ePOMo is available to smartphones with Android or IOS and can be downloaded in Google Play, Apple Store y Amazon. When the App is downloaded, it is need sign up in our Website and activate your account in your App with the verification code obtained after your sign up. The user can register a single or multiple cards.

When the user's account is activated, the user must introduce his PIN and the App will generate a single use ePOMo code and expiry planned.

When user wants cash in his points, he must indicate before to pay. If user wants to cash deals, he must to enable it before to pay.


Can I use ePOMo with debit card?
Yes, the system accepts credit or debit cards but it is needed that cards are enabled for ecommerce.

Do I need an internet connection to use ePOMo?
To pay, generate or cash in points or cash in deals the internet connection is not needed, but it is needed to install the App and it is needed too to view points or enable deals.

Why I can't register my credit/debit card?
To register your cards in the system, it is needed that they are enabled for ecommerce, thus the identity validation (3D secure) can be launched to warrant more security.

Why I can't sign up from my mobile phone?
To sign up from your mobile phone, it is needed that the card emissary has the 3D Secure adapted to mobile phones. Most of card emissaries have it, in other case must sign up from PC.

How I cash in my deals with ePOMo?
Must enable it in the App or in your web profile and the system applies the discounts automatically.

How I retrieve the purchase amount when I return a product?
The store will make the refund through ePOMo App and the amount will pay back in your card. Also you will receive an email of ePOMo with the refund notification.

What happen if I lost my mobile phone or it is stolen?
In case of steal or lost, no one be able to use the App without your pin. Also, you can ask us the block of your App with an email to with your phone number and your date of birth. The cancel of ePOMo not lead to cancel the credit or debit card, and you be able to download the App on your new mobile phone.

Where are stored my card data?
Your card data are stored in secure servers which follow the PCI DSS(Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) standard, never on your mobile phone.

What stores accept ePOMo pay?
In all stores with the ePOMo logo.